Luggage Transfer

Let us help you with the backpack! Along Gudbrandsdalsleden and St. Olavsleden you can easily order luggage transfer between the accommodations.

Luggage transport

Along the Gudbrandsdalsleden and St. Olavsleden, there are several companies that offer luggage transfer for various stages along the ways. Below you will find the information you need to transfer your luggage through the available areas. The accommodation along the St. Olav Ways works closely with the transport companies, and will help you organize the transport along the way.

Let our partners help you with the backpack!

Our partners along the St. Olav Ways can handle the luggage for you! All you need to do is:

  • Order luggage transport by 4pm. the day before.
  • Mark the luggage with name, mobile number and delivery place (hostel / accommodation).
  • Leave your luggage at a specific location at the property before continuing on.

The terms of service are as follows:

  • Price per package: NOK 100.
  • The luggage is picked up at the accommodation, transported and delivered in the period between kl. 09.00 and 16:00.
  • The luggage can only be sent in the direction of Trondheim, as the offer still does not cover southbound pilgrims.

Order Luggage Transfer | Gudbrandsdalsleden

Ringerike - Hadeland | Gudbrandsdalsleden West

Ring Taxi
Kilemokroken 15, 3516 Hønefoss
Phone: +47 32 13 32 13

NOTE! The taxi company operates with other price tariffs

Toten - Gjøvik | Gudbrandsdalsleden West

Gjøvik Taxi
Jernbanetorvet 3, 2821 Gjøvik
​Phone: +47 62 58 88 55


NOTE! The taxi company operates with other price tariffs

Lillehammer - Dovre | Gudbrandsdalsleden
Profile picture of Fåvang Varetaxi
Fåvang Varetaxi
Tlf: 989 89 989
Luggage transfer

Book luggage transfer - call +47 982 67 041

Payment - VIPPS NOK 100 to Fåvang varetaxi: Vippsnumber: 609584

Available: Monday to Friday

Dovre - Kongsvoll | Gudbrandsdalsleden

Hjerkinn Fjellstue

Book luggage transfer: To be ordered at the latest by 8 p.m. the day before transportation, text +47 92629942 or e-mail:

Prices: Dovre-Kongsvoll: Price per package/walking distance: NOK 100.

Payment: By invoice on e-mail, walk by Hjerkinn Fjellstua and pay there, or cash to the driver.

Kongsvoll - Skaun | Gudbrandsdalsleden
Profile picture of Pilgrim Centre Dovrefjell - luggage transport
Pilgrim Centre Dovrefjell - luggage transport
Tlf: +47 911 43 651
Luggage transfer and a regional pilgrim centre

Booking, call +47 911 43651

Payment – ​​cash, card, or invoice

The form of payment is agreed upon when ordering.

(If payment is not made, the luggage will be left behind)

We offer "shared cost" principle.
If several people order transport on the same route, the cost is shared.

• Minimum cost per route is NOK 300 (*)

• 1 backpack/bag/suitcase per person = 1 package (approx. 20kg)

• 1-3 package = NOK 300 per route (2 package = 150 NOK each)

• 3 + package = NOK 100 per package


1. Kongsvoll - Ryphusan – Oppdal (*Min 500,-)

2. Oppdal – Langklopp/Hæverstølen/Havdal

3. Langklopp/Hæverstølen/Havdal – Meslo/Nørgar Voll

4. Meslo/Nørgar Voll – Ry herberge/ Segard Hoel / Meldal

5. Meldal – Løkken / Svorkmo

6. Løkken / Svorkmo – Skaun (*Min 500,-)

Accommodations covered by the service:

The service covers all accommodations in the map solution for this section.

Skaun - Trondheim | Gudbrandsdalsleden
Profile picture of Strandheimen | Luggage Transfer
Strandheimen | Luggage Transfer
Tlf: +47 481 05 515
Luggage Transfer & accommodation

Call: +47 481 05 515

Payment: Card / Cash / VIPPSnr. 130756


• Minimum price per transport is NOK 400,- If the order becomes more than 4 packages per place, the service only costs NOK 100,- per package

• 1 backpack per person = 1 package

• 1 – 4 packages = NOK 400 / 5+ Packages = NOK 100,- per package

Strandheimen transfer luggage between the following places!

1. Skaun to Øysand
2. Øysand to Trondheim

These accommodations offer this service

Skaun Parich House, Strandheimen Guest House, Øysand Camping, Sundet Farm, Nidaros Pilegrimsgård

Order Luggage Transfer | St. Olavsleden

Sul - Stiklestad - Trondheim | St. Olavsleden

Along the St. Olavsleden pilgrims can simply order luggage transfer from the different accommodations.

Prices may vary between the different accommodations. We also recommend booking luggage transfers in advance.