The pilgrimage town of Trondheim

Welcome to the pilgrim destination Trondheim! At Trondheim’s Pilgrim Centre, you can get the pilgrimage town`s “golden ticket”, which provides good offers in local restaurants and cafés, pleasant overnight accommodation, activities and cultural experiences when you arrive in Trondheim. Learn more about these services here.

Overnight accommodations

Pilgrims in Trondheim receive good discounts at many of the city's overnight accommodations. All you need is the pilgrim city’s “golden ticket” and valid pilgrim passport.
Where to sleep


Trondheim is Norway's food capital. Look forward to enjoy high-quality local food and drinks at the city’s restaurants.
Places to eat

Activities and experiences

Have a memorable stay in Trondheim by taking part in festivals and exciting activities in the city.
Things to do

Museums and cultural heritage sites

Experience Trondheim's rich history and cultural life.
What to experience