135 KM
7 days
The pilgrimage route from Grong to Stiklestad starts at Gløshaug church on Grong and goes via Snåsa and Megard to Stiklestad church. The trail is strongly connected to the Olav tradition, both in the form of church buildings and church art and not least; sacred water sources.
Situated along Nordleden
Foto: Jorunn Lilleslett

Gløshaugen, Grong - Stiklestad

Difficulty: Medium

Type of terrain: Slightly hilly, forest, gravel, asphalt

This trail is best suited for those who want to hike with a tent on their back, as it is a long way between the accommodations. You should also be able to orientate yourself by map and compass, since the trail is not well marked.

The northern route starts at Gløshaugen church in Grong and goes via Snåsa and Megard to Stiklestad church.

Gløshaugen church is from 1689 and is one of the few preserved wooden churches from the 17th century in northern Trøndelag. The stave church, which stood on the same site before the current church, dates back to the 12th century. This was established through finds on sill beam in the current church.

Stiklestad church is said to stand on the site where Saint Olav fell in the battle of Stiklestad in 1030.

The trail runs along both residential areas, cultural monuments, burial mounds, beautiful nature and forest areas. The cultural and natural landscape is diverse and along the trail you will find several Olav springs, which are legendary, sacred water springs that is said to provide healing.

At Stiklestad you can connect to St. Olavsleden if you want to continue your journey to the Nidaros Cathedral.

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Foto: Jorunn Lilleslett

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