Pilegrimsleden | Veldre church

Veldre church

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Veldre church




Church office in Brumunddal, tel +47 62 33 07 70.
Veldre Pilgrim society, tel + 47 477 19 32

Fylkisakers church was situated here (demolished in 1776) near Flisaker farm and south of Veldre church which was demolished in a fire in 1996. A new church was inaugurated in 2 000.

Few areas in Norway have a consistency of burial monuments form the iron ages like this area; approximately 90 monuments. Kongshaugen in Flisaker is the largest. It has been a power center for several centuries, at least until 1000 years A.D. The rich calcareous soil and local climate, lay the foundation for the prosperity back to the iron ages. If pilgrims crossed Brumunddal at Spikdalen, is it most likely they also were passing through here.

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