Cultural Heritage

Tylldalen Bygdetun and museum

Situated along Østerdalsleden

Photo: Aslaug S Haugen

Outdoor museum and previously a vicarage

Bygdetun from the end of 1950, which is located where the old road came down from the mountain.

Pilgrims came here and the first churches and the rectory were located here.

A central task for Tylldalen Bygdetun has been to convey the village's medieval history. From 1976 to 2018, open-air plays have been performed at Olsok with action added to the 12th century about the villagers' meeting with the pilgrims; "The troubled of heart", "Back the longest mile" and "Jubili, jubilo", by Ola Jonsmoen and Ellef Røe.

Major restoration work is currently underway on the houses (2023), and therefore no tour is possible.