Cultural Heritage

The Tokstad pine

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
The Tokstad pine tree (Tokstadfurua) is situated at Prestvegen (the priest´s road) and dates from 1516.

This means that it was already a small tree when the reformation came to Norway in 1537 and pilgrimages were prohibited. The tree has been an official Pilgrims Pine, and every year there is a special pilgrimage from the Veldre Church to the pine where a church service is held.

This tree was originally granted protection back in 1918. The pine is situated on the ground of Tokstad farm.

By the pine there is a small cabin, Furustugua, where you can sit inside and relax for a while - have a quiet moment. There is a window in the sealing where you can look up at the sky and the pine. Outside there is a bench with a table.