Cultural Heritage

Skaun Museum

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Experience the local history at Skaun museum

Skaun museum consists of three parts, Skreddarhaugen Farm, a museum exhibition at Venn and Råbygda school from 1878.

Skreddarhaugen is located east of Husaby and includes a cottage from 1750, a barn from the 1600s, two cages and a casing. The buildings contain interesting objects from both everyday life and festive occasions- as one might think it was on a small farm in Skaun up to the 1900s.

In the basement of the multi-use building at Venn, next to Skaun church, the museum has an exhibition of local history through charts, photographs and objects, all displaying key aspects fromt the villages in Skaun throughout history.

Råbygda school dates from 1878 and is located at Melby, approx. 5 km southwest of Venn. The building has one classroom and a small house which served as the teacher's home. Here you can let your mind wander and be brought back to "a school day in the old days."