Rennebu Church

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Rennebu church 350 years in 2019


+47 900 89 174


Voll, 7393 Rennebu


24. June - 18. Aug. 2019. Every day 09-14. Contact the pilegrim hosts in Gammelbua.


At the path

Info 2019 or Facebook: Rennebu kirke 350 år

The anniversary will be celebrated from 9. June until 16. June with arrangements and open church every day. Inormation at Facebook: Rennebu kirke 350 år

The first church in Rennebu may have been built around the year 1100 and remnants from the church suggests that it was a stave church of the old kind. It was probably in a very poor condition when it was demolished and a new church was completed in 1669. Rennebu Church is one of five remaining Y-shaped churches in Norway

In order to create proximity between the pulpit and the congregation the new church was built in Y-shaped form. This shape is characteristic for Norway, but only four of the kind remain today. The Y-shape is also mirrored in Rennebu muncipality's coat of arms.

Remnants of the old stave church still exist and a crucifix from the 13th century is now hanging in the new church, while the entry gate can be found at the Museum of Natural History and Archaeology in Trondheim. A beautiful tombstone from the middle ages shaped as a wheel cross can be found at the cemetery.

Contact the pilgrim host in Gammelbua 250 meters away for entry to the church. Please call in advance, +47 900 89 174. Before 24. June and after 18. August and also outside the opening hours, the following can be contacted: Joar (+47 995 42 018), Else (+47 932 27 345) or Tora (+47 901 74 776).

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