Lade church

Situated along St. Olavsleden, Romboleden

Foto: Panoramio

Lade Church is located just southeast of Korsvika and east of Ladehammeren.


The church is part of the Lade parish in the Nidaros deanery in the Diocese of Nidaros. It is believed to be one of Norway's oldest stone churches. Nobody knows exactly when it was built, but people started using it around 1190.

The current church is assumed to be the successor of two other churches, which are believed to have been one stone church and one stave church. During the wars with Sweden (1808-09, 1814) and later during World War II (1940-45), the church was used as a food stock. There is actually a swastika scribed in a stone in the wall near the Altar.

Lade Church is a long church and it seats 160 people. The Altarpiece dates from 1709 when it was received as a gift from Ellen Rovert from the nearby Lade farm