Pilegrim Center

Pilgrim Center Dovrefjell (Winter)

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Foto: Hans-Jacob Dahl
Information and advice before the last stage to Nidaros




2661 Hjerkinnhus


Eystein Church is at the path
The office building is approx. 1 km from the path

Open 2024

Daily 8am - 7pm, from June 15th - September 1st.
Pilegrim Center is present from 8-10 am and from 5-7pm

Office (winter)

Call in advance, phone +47 91143651

The pilgrim center (office) at Dovrefjell lies 1000 meters above sea level at Hjerkinn, close by the Eystein Church. The center do various pilgrim related work and assists pilgrims on their way north.

The center is one of five regional pilgrim centers along the Gudbrandsdalen path and Dovrefjell is the last one before you reach Nidaros. Stop by for information and advice.

We have our Visit Center in Eystein Church during summer, daily from 3pm -7 pm., June 10th - September 3rd.
From June 24th to Aug 6th the opening hour's is 10am - 7pm.