Cultural Heritage

Fredriksten fortress

Situated along Borgleden
350 years of history - from being Norway's most important border fortress it is now one of the country's most spectacular cultural arenas. The fortress is a popular area for hiking, and offers accomodation and dining.



Generalveien, 1776 Halden


Fortress area open year round. See website for museums, restaurants etc.


At the path

Construction of Fredriksten started in 1661 after Norway lost the Bohuslän district and Bohus Fortress to Sweden in 1658. Three subsequent attacks by the Swedes on Halden in 1658-1660 convinced Fredrik 3. the King of Denmark and Norway; a strong, modern fortress was needed. During the war in 1718, Swedish King Karl 12. fell before the walls of Fredriksten fortress.

The fortress offers a fantastic view of the town and the fjord, and far into what once was enemy territory.

Fredriksten fortress is a fantastic arena for wide variety of events, from intimate theatrical performances to large car shows, concerts and sports events.

Experience the war history of the fortress in the museums and Norways oldest bakery and brewery.

See the historical lightshow at Fredriksten - more than 350 years of history put together in an audio/video display on the walls inside the Inner fortress.

There are restaurants and cafes as well as accommodation at the fortress.