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Cultural Heritage

The Falstad Forest

Situated along St. Olavsleden
Not far from Falstads Centre lies The Falstad Forest. It is believed that over 200 were executed here in the forest, but there is an uncertainty related to the number and identity.


Falstadvegen 59, 7624 Ekne


+47 74 02 80 40



The Falstads Centre in Levanger is a memorial and national centre for World War II prison history and human rights. The Falstad forest is not far from the Falstad and in the period 1942–43 over 200 prisoners were executed and buried in mass graves here. After the war, the tombs were excavated and the bodies was buried in ordinary cemetaries elsewhere in Norway or in honour cemetaries. It is assumed that there are still graves in the forest that have not been found.

Among the victims executed in the Falstad Forest were 43 Norwegians, 74 Yugoslavs and over 100 Soviet citizens. However, the exact number of victims is unknown. Prisoners of war from the former Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union made up the majority of the victims.

In 1989, the Ministry of the Environment heritage protected Falstad Forest, based on the Cultural Heritage Act. The Falstad Forest is today a national memorial site.

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