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Bjerkebæk - The home of Sigrid Undset

Visit the beautiful home of Nobel Prize Laureate Sigrid Undset






+47 612 59 400 (summer), +47 612 88 900 (rest of the year)


Gamle Nordseterveg 1, 2615 Lillehammer


20 May - 30 August, 10.00-17.00


Close by the path

Sigrid Undset (1882-1949) is among the 19th century's most acclaimed authors, both national and international. She had a rich and widespread authorship and is especially known for her middle age novels about Kristin Lavransdatter. For that trilogy, as well as for other works set in the middle ages, she received the Nobel Prize in literature in 1928.

Bjerkebæk is Sigrid Undset's home and workshop. She lived here together with her three children in old timber houses relocated from two farms in the Gudbrandsdalen valley. She created a characteristic home, with her own touch and signature, and was undoubtedly pleased with the result, both interior and exterior. In 1924 she wrote "The new house has become so beautiful, you wouldn't believe it before you've seen it. (...) I couldn't make it better if i tried."

Undset lived at the site from 1919 until her death in 1949. She chose the name herself, based on the birch threes (bjørk) surrounding the house and the little brook (bæk) trickling through the garden.

In 2007 the site was opened as a museum and reconstructed the way it appeared in the 1930s.


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